Pages and Posts in WordPress.

This is the part 2 of my series on WordPress for beginners.

Before reading this one read the first part.

After successfully creating a WordPress blog as said in my previous post you would be greeted with the following screen.

chrome-capture (15)

This is the dashboard of our WordPress site.

In the dashboard we can,

  • Post blogs .
  • Change our static pages.
  • Change our themes and plugins.
  • Add new users.
  • And a lot more.

In this article lets discuss about working with post and pages.

chrome-capture (16)

1. Pages

Here is the place where we add all our static pages like,

  • About.
  • Contact.
  • Works.
  • And any other pages you want to add.

To create a new page do as below,

Screen Recording 2020-11-23 at AM

You will greeted with the new page like follows,

chrome-capture (18)

In this page you can add content and click on publish and your page will be published.

Its as simple as it gets.

2. Posts

Lets discuss about posts.

The posts you see in a WordPress Blogs is created here.

Simply click add new in posts like below,

Then post your content in the fields give in the page.

The big part here to add is the category. The categories can be added like below,

Without adding categories, our post would have a category called “uncategorized” which does not look good.

After adding category and content, just click publish and you can see your post with the url given in the dashboard.

You have successfully created a page and a post in wordpress now.

That’s all a beginner needs to know for now. There is a lot more to posts and pages in WordPress but right now play around this stuff.

In my next post I will discuss how to add page links to menu.

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