Adding Links to Menus in WordPress for beginners

In this post lets discuss about how to add links to a WordPress blog’s menu.

This is the part 3 of my series on WordPress for beginners.

Before reading this one read the first and second part.

After successfully creating a WordPress blog as said in my previous post you would be greeted with the following screen.
To change the menu/navbar text just do as follows,

  • Hover over appearance and select the menu link.
    chrome-capture (2)

You would land in a page like below,

chrome-capture (19)

After that add a page you created to the menu by adding that page to the primary menu as below,

chrome-capture (4)

Now go to frontend and you will see the results.

You can add a

  • A primary menu which is located at top.
  • A footer menu at footer

based on your theme.

And that’s how you add a menu to your WordPress blog.

In my next post I will discuss how to add a Theme for your wordpress blog.

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