Free Illustrator and Design Related Websites every Web Designer must know.

In this tutorial, I am going to list the free websites I use for designing websites and for getting free illustrations.

Free Illustration Websites:

1. UnDraw

The really awesome thing about this website apart being free is to choose colors for all the illustrations available. This aspect will really help us to choose illustrations which fit in our website.

recording (9)

2. Drawkit

chrome-capture (14)

Really good website to get free ilustrations.

3. Icons8

This is also a good website to get free illustrations.

Now lets hop on to Web Design stuff.

4. Scale

recording (10)

Just like undraw, this website also has some really good free illustrations made by a fellow Indian karthik2206.

This website uploads a free illustration every 24 hours.

Even this article’s thumbnail is used from that website.

For Fonts:

1. Google Fonts

chrome-capture (15)

Every body reading this article might know this. But I am happy to leave a link of google fonts here.

For those who do not know what google fonts is, it is just a website which contains a lot of free fonts to be used in your projects.

You can either import the fonts or download them and use them in your websites.

2. Font-Pairing

chrome-capture (16)

This website helps you to randomly generate a Serif and Sans-Serif fonts which goes well with each other.

If you are considering to create a blog and looking for separate fonts for header, description and for body, use this website to your advantage and get matching and pairing fonts.

For Colors:


chrome-capture (17)

This website gives you shades of every color.

For example, if you want to find shades of red color and want to use it in your website, you can find the hex codes of all the red shades in this website.


chrome-capture (18)

This website gives you set of colors which you can use in your website.

You can use one of the colors for CTA(Call To Action) button if is a bright color.

And These are the list of websites I use for getting,

  • Illustrations.
  • Fonts.
  • Colors/Set of Colors.

If you use websites other than the websites mentioned here, help me out by adding those websites’ names and links in the comments, so our community people can also use them.

Thank you for reading!

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