About The Author – Gautham Vijayan

* My name is Gautham and I am from India. I am an undergraduate student of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli(NITT).

* Fascinated by how Software changes billions of lives around the world, I decided to become a Frontend developer and a Mobile App developer.

* I use React Native for cross platform mobile app development for both android and ios at the same time which reduces cost and development time to a great extent.

* I specialize in the most recent and up to date modern tech stack of React.js

* React is being used by all the top FAANG companies in their websites for faster user experience and is being incorporated in a lot of top organizations around the world right now.

I made this blog to contribute to the dev community through frontend react and other web development and mobile app development stuff.

You can contact me with the below links.

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